Femdom Pegging with a Hot Young Girl

•October 14, 2009 • 2 Comments

I met this girl recently. Hot little college co-ed – 21 years old and barely over 5 feet tall. Straight, pitch black hair – always pony-tailed, with the most beautiful big dark eyes you’ve ever seen. Tight, curvy body with a big pair of heavy tits – full, not sagging or too hang-ey – and an ass to match. Mix of Middle-Eastern and Italian. Bisexual – more into girls than guys but very much into sex either way, especially if it’s a little rough and some exhibitionism is thrown in –  a definite fetish for this sexy girl.

I’d guess I’d call her something of a “switch” – dominant or submissive depending on the moment. Very confident overall so the submissive part would more be play only, and even then not really submissive so much as letting herself be tied up or held down due more to a masochistic streak running alongside the obvious sadist in her.

She’d had femdom strapon sex with girls before, plenty of times. I think she said always with her in the harness though girls had used hand held dildos on her, and of course their tongues. She’d never done pegging with a guy before though and as we got talking more and more about that she got more and more worked up over the idea of bending a guy over and using his ass.

She has a boyfriend (less serious) and a girlfriend (more serious) at the moment… but that doesn’t stop her from cheating. Very promiscuous girl – more so with other girls than guys though which I guess is safer over all. But the though of pushing a strapon deep into my ass got her going really good… got me going real good too LOL.

We had our first femdom pegging session last night – to title it fully. I wanted to show off so I brought a strap on that was bigger than anything she had used before. Her eyes lit up when she saw it with this savage sadistic grin that was so hot. Big grin on her face that told me she was going to really get into this once she had that strapon inside of me. The thought of a hard femdom pegging session can really work you up but the reality is only good if the girl keeps control of what she is doing – you’ve got to do it just right or it’s a clumsy, painful mess.

I discovered that a favorite part of foreplay for her involves a lot of very physical wrestling and biting. The first time her teeth chomped unexpectedly down on me, I swear I almost threw her across the room as I yelled out in pain LOL. Strong girl for one so small… and really savage in the ways she attacks during sex.

I had to teach her how to enter a man properly, since it’s obviously not quite the same as lesbian femdom pegging (unless it’s anal sex between girls I suppose but still no prostate so different enough). Once she got the strapon inside of me she was really ready to go at it. Got my heart racing fast knowing how much she was looking forward to banging my ass deep – especially this evil sort of mixed sadistic female and little girl laugh she got as she pushed in. A couple of clumsy moments when she went too hard and too bad an angle, or lost control of the strapon making it go in wrong – :winces: – but she did excellent for her first time pegging a male.

We did it with me lying on my back, legs up on her shoulders. Not the commonly used position but she’s much shorter than me and her face and tits are so damn nice that I wanted to watch her as she did me. By the time she had me taking the whole strapon with each thrust, she reached down with one hand and started stroking my cock. Didn’t take long for me to cum, but she kept thrusting even after that – she really got into it and was working herself up to an orgasm off pegging me. I didn’t complain – she looked so hot like that… totally focused on taking my ass with this lost look in her eyes – like this intense femdom look that said she was just using me at that point, not thinking about anything but getting off from pounding me. And yea, it was so hot seeing her cum with that strapon in my butt.

She’s a total femdom natural when it comes to guys and I know she’s going to want to peg my ass more. I’m really looking forward to seeing her get her technique down.


Something else I came across recently and want to add here. A link to a very heavy femdom pegging scene. The story is broken up into chapters, I’m linking to one in the middle that is really WOW – Strapon Stories – The story is called “Violated In The Park”. There is a link to the start of the story at the top of the chapter I linked to.

– Tomas, a sometimes male slave


Mutual Masturbation

•June 16, 2009 • 1 Comment

I’ve been playing around with this very hot girl who loves mutual masturbation – she likes to play with herself in front of a guy while he watches and plays with himself too. That’s her sexual fetish and it’s a damn good one LOL.

That doesn’t mean she doesn’t like having actual sex – she’s really open minded and a great partner all around. But she loves to spread her legs and touch herself while a guy watches. And seeing him masturbate to what she’s doing to herself gets her so worked up it’s truly fantastic to see. I can testify that the show she gives is well worth watching! She gets so hot that even as she seems to lose herself in what she’s doing, she still has total control over you. If anything she takes more and more control with every dirty second that passes, at first without you even realizing it. When a woman gets like that a guy really can’t help himself… and she knows it. It’s obvious that’s the other half of what turns her on about mutual masturbation – she loves the effect she has on a man, and the control she can have over him when she seems to let herself go and not give a damn about how dirty she’s behaving.

Things with her usually start off that way, but then the mutual masturbation becomes more truly “mutual” than solo actions watched by one another. She’ll crawl over, spread her legs, inviting you to touch, while she reaches up between your legs to touch you. Sometimes that will further lead to sexual intercourse, but other times things just stay right there until we both orgasm. By the time she’s crawled over to me what we do next is pretty much totally up to her. I’m happy to go wherever she takes me.


Trust me, as much as masturbating isn’t as good as the real thing, it’s totally different when you do it like this. Besides not being your hand, it’s… I think it’s because playing with yourself is seen as something dirty or wrong. Because of that, mutual masturbation takes on a little of that quality, almost a taboo feel to it, like you’re doing something bad, which just makes it feel so good. And then seeing a sexy girl be naughty like that takes it to another level… like she’s being dirty and bad. Even though what you’re doing is really nothing really compared to sex, the stigma masturbation holds feeds that taboo rush so nicely.

I’m not at all saying I prefer this over sex. It’s just a very nice option and an excellent discovery.

It’s also an interesting angle on sexual domination, how this girl can take such control over things by first seeming to be so dirty and willing to give up control. It really just serves to prove the idea of how women can use sex to manipulate men easily and wonderfully, so long as they understand the power of their sexuality and are confident enough to use it.

For now, I’m going to enjoy this girls fetish as much as I can 🙂 She’s a whole other kind of masturbatrix and I’m liking it a lot.

– Tomas, a sometimes male slave

Femdom Bondage and the Beauty of Dominant Women

•February 20, 2009 • 5 Comments

If you look at the domain name for this blog, you’ll notice the words “femdom bondage” in there.

The reason for the first two words should be obvious considering the title of my blog and how I sign it. I don’t identify heavily with being a male slave, at least not to the degree that the lifestyle slavery crowd does, but I do enjoy participation in such sexual acts greatly. It’s a role I take occasionally, but strictly in a sexual setting incorporating degrees of BDSM. Hence the “sometimes” to clarify and to be honest.

But then we come to the other half – femdom bondage. Perhaps some explanation as to the choice.

While the reason for the male slave part of the domain name is clear, the second two words came down to two fetish possibilities – “femdom bondage” or “Pegging” (even as the loser of the two, the reasons for the second choice holding such high regard in my eyes are explained a bit in a previous pegging post I wrote and no doubt will be explored more in future postings). As much as I enjoy strap-on sex, male bondage with a hot dominatrix does edge it out by a slim margin for me, and so that‘s what I went with. There’s something about being tied down with rope and used by a dominatrix that really, really turns me on. That more than anything probably pushes me in that male slave direction, even if its limited to sexual domination. Put is this way, as I’m writing this right now the thought of such a scene is starting to “stir” things if you know what I mean 😉 Doesn’t take much to get me going when bondage is the theme.

I find it extremely arousing, so much so that it’s hard to describe fully. I guess it’s that mix of helplessness, the unknown and being forced to take all that will happen. Another big part though, is the effect it has on women. No matter how dominant a girl appears, having a guy tied up always brings out something more in her. A very good something more, that equals all the better sex. It’s a great way to train a woman into being more sexually dominant too. Bondage makes you feel like she’s in control, but it also makes her feel that way.

(I know some will cringe at the thought of me using the words “train” and dominant in the same sentence. I’m talking more of the sexual side of female domination here than lifestyle, though it’s also true that even with the most dominant of women, aspects of sexual domination still take a bit of practice when it comes to certain activities and objects employed in them.)

I think part of why I go for male bondage may very well be because I don’t identify fully with being a slave. What I mean is, bondage obviously creates the very tangible feeling of not having control. It sort of creates a forced submission environment, one that helps me cross the line from who I am normally, into the kind of sexual role I enjoy in the bedroom. Without it, no matter how dominant the woman is, I don’t take her as seriously as I do when tied up. It becomes less a femdom experience than just kinky sex.

Now, I said that pegging came in a close second in my choosing, and that’s very true. But the real top choice would probably be mixing femdom bondage with pegging – being rope tied tight, and spread for a woman’s strap-on. That would definitely be the top choice, but the length of the domain name would be ridiculous if I had a whole string of words in it like that 😉

I don’t know what position I like best when mixing the rope bondage and pegging. I think it would come down to three options. 1 – on a bed, hands over my head and legs on her shoulders – that way I can see her as she does me. 2 – Standing, hands stretched overhead, legs tied apart, with her coming up from behind – not as comfortable, but it’s really intense, and usually is part of a much more developed femdom session. 3 – The standard choice –  bent over something, with each extremity tied off. For pegging this is probably the best position in terms of easy, enjoyable access for both the lucky male slave and strapped dominatrix.

You’ll notice I mention “rope” in a few places – I prefer rope bondage to chains. Both have their merits and I’ll probably write an entire post dedicated to exploring my thoughts on them, but rope have the advantage of being more personal both in feel and how it’s applied.

So there you go, the domain name explained, and with it a bit more about myself and my particular interests in BDSM.

– Tomas, a sometimes male slave

PS – Something more to underline the point – here’s a link to a free bondage and pegging audio I found. It’s recorded by a dominatrix who really loves to pound away inside of a guy – Free Strapon Audio – there are two parts to it so make sure to check at the rest in her list of Erotic Audios 

And also a link to a very, very hot forced strapon story – Violated In The Park. It starts off slow but builds very fast and gets very heavy. Skip to this chapter to see what I mean – Anal Raped By A Strapon Dominatrix – Yeah, WOW! But I’d read the whole thing if I were you. It’s very good.

What’s hot about it to me is more than just the kind of sex described. It’s also how much this dominatrix is into it. You can hear the confidence and dominance in her voice, along with how much this turns her on too. She’s not describing something she does for the slave to enjoy, she’s describing something she really loves doing just for her own pleasure. She uses the slave to get off, not get him off. It’s literally intoxicating.

Dominatrix, Humiliatrix, Masturbatrix, Demonatrix, Cuckoldrix, Oh My!

•February 16, 2009 • 10 Comments

I’ve noticed that within the greater BDSM community there’s a growing wealth of different “-trix” titles given to dominant women. Dominatrix being the classic and best known, but now there’s humiliatrix, masturbatrix, demonatrix and with slight variation in form, cuckoldrix. And I’m certain I’m missing a bunch more.

Each one is a dedicated title reflecting a specific area of fetish expertise.

Sexy Girl Long Leather Gloves GunDominatrix, the most commonly used and linguistically acceptable, has become something of a general expression for dominant women in sadomasochistic relationships and BDSM inclusive sexual activities of a femdom nature. She is usually called a “Mistress” or “Domina” by her slave boys, and it would be a mistake to consider her form of domination to be purely sexual.

Humiliatrix and masturbatrix are variations on that form, both again being dominant women but with more specific specialties. This specificity also means these classifications fall almost exclusively within the real of sexual domination. The former specializing in male slave humiliation, and the latter being an expert in guided masturbation. While a humiliatrix will often be something of a dominatrix in terms of attitude and style (though not always, there is the “bratty princess” type that is more a spoiled girl who humiliates older men), the masturbatrix often has no BDSM-esque connection. Her focus is on controlling men as they masturbate, directing what they are to do, how long they are to do it, and when/if they are allowed to have an orgasm in the end. These are also usually dominant women but not always in such a pronounced form, and they can range from the classic dominatrix to a sexy teasing masturbatrix that’s simply a hot girl who loves to manipulate men.

The “demonatrix”, a lesser used title, is a more extreme form of dominatrix, one, that as the name suggests, usually has a more evil or cruel tone to her, taking the femdom sadism up a notch, and perhaps even adding an element of demonic horror to it. The word currently seems to be used predominantly in femdom stories, with real life examples found almost exclusively within the gothic subculture or similar circles. When heard, “demonatrix” can give the impression of a character or role played, but it’s unfair to generalize that way, just as goths and other subcultures are no less real simply for the unorthodix nature of their interests. While style takes a position of great importance here, substance is of no less worth than it is for any of the others who are serious about what they do.

Cuckoldrix is something a little different, seemingly more an online creation having to do with phone sex and sexual stories. The cuckoldrix specializes in sexual fantasies revolving around cheating wives and girlfriends. As is obvious, “cuckoldrix” comes from the word cuckold – meaning a man whose wife has committed adultery (another form is a “cuckoldress“. Men who enjoy this fetish are turned on by the idea of their wives cheating on them, and a cuckoldrix is a master at creating such sexual fantasies for men, building on the theme itself and the resulting humiliation these pseudo male slave types enjoy. Often, in addition to the shame of being a cuckold, a strong element small penis humiliation will be added to the fantasy, it being the motivation for the wife to cheat – he cannot satisfy her – while adding more shame to the event.

I know there are more titles than just this, because there are others I could already name. Seems like new ones are regularly appearing as people create them for themselves or the dominant women and respective fetish they adore. I left some of the more obscure options out for now because of their relative obscurity, but if anyone knows of any that are interesting and growing in use, feel free to add here through a comment.

– Tomas, a sometimes male slave

Femdom Ballbusting? Dominatrix in Thigh High Boots

•February 15, 2009 • 2 Comments

I’ve been reading about femdom ballbusting the last hour or so. Seems there are a lot of fetish sites dedicated to it so I’d say it pretty popular even though I can’t fully grasp why. And it also seems like some of the people writing about this stuff feel the same way, even as they’re so obviously turned on by it. It’s like they love it but admit its nuts. Then again, a lot of stuff in BDSM can be seen that way.

Sure, there’s the whole “helpless and vulnerable” thing that would fit any femdom bondage scene, and since it’s taken to an extreme, that effect is amplified. But actually getting kicked in the groin? I don’t know about that one.

When I’m fully in my male slave mode I do like some CBT, and sexual torture in general can be cool, but I think ballbusting would push it too far. After all, there’s always a point where the pain crosses into an inability to function! I think I’d be more interested in curling up into a ball than having sex or any kind of orgasm once things really got going!!

Dominatrix Thigh High BootsI do think there’s something sexy about a dominatrix in thigh high boots planting her foot between the legs of a bound male slave. More to tease and threaten than to kick though. I think the threat would be very exciting, especially if the femdom could take it to that very believable edge. Done right, that would create a very effective atmosphere of female domination, and the more intense you can get that, the better.

Reading or watching the groin kicking boots part gets a reaction out of me that’s more like watching car crashes or stunts gone wrong. That – “Oh, Damn!“ reaction people have to something messed up. The femdom scene is still sexy due to the bondage and the dominatrix looking so supremely hot, but once the ballbusting starts it shifts from sexual to a cringing, eyes half shut “OMG!”

Maybe that’s not totally fair. I haven’t thought about it that much or for that matter read more than a few stories (which were admittedly hot) or seen many pictures depicting this fetish. I admit there are many BDSM activities that I would never want done to me, but are arousing to watch. The words “sexual torture” themselves should actually be repulsive when you think about it, and yet they are so good! It’s possible ballbusting could be like, but I haven’t given it any real thought since prior to my accidental perusing today I’ve never look into it. Writing about it now, and thinking about a femdom bondage scene with those thigh high boots walking around me as I’m trapped there… yeah, there is something good about that 🙂 But thinking’ ain’t doin’.

It does put women in a very dominant position. Very dominant and aggressive, and THAT is very hot. So possible I could have a something of a voyeuristic attraction, given the right circumstances. But I don’t see groin kicking as being something I would seek out to have done to me.

This link is to a male slave who’s into this fetish, along with some CFNM ballbusting stories. I started there and followed the links to the stories since I’ve heard of the dominatrix involved in them and she’s hot in that – dominant woman you shut up and obey – kind of way 🙂

– Tomas, a sometimes male slave

Femme Fatales and Sexy Young Teases

•February 10, 2009 • Leave a Comment

I think by what I’ve written here so far, it’s pretty obvious just what kind of women I like – dominant women who are sexually confident and highly capable of using the sexuality to attract and control men.

Some would use the expression – cock tease – to describe some of these ladies, but that would only be one part of the whole. I like to be teased, but I don’t like that to be the only thing that happens.

It’s the sexual confidence of dominant women that gets me most. I think as a result I am somewhat split when it comes to the age of these women.

All guys like young ladies in their prime (by young I mean over 18 but not that far from it), and I’m no different. I love cute and sexy girls that embody a mix of innocent and not so innocent to get what they want. They play their irresistible tease and denial games and lead guys of all ages along so easily. Hot, tight bodies up for anything, and dominant enough to make it exciting, but not dominant enough not to be directed a bit by me still 🙂

But I also like women a bit older, ones who have grown into their sexuality and confidence even more. These types might not have the bodies of 18 year olds, but they know damn well what to do with the bodies they have, and their understanding of female domination is much more developed. The end result may not be as tight in form as an 18 year old, but it’s every bit as sexy if not even more so.

The two represent distinctively different sexual approaches. While the first plays the more obvious and typical cock tease, the second manipulates in a much deeper way, sometimes very subtle and sometimes pure vamp. Both also bring out different kinds of submission in a male.

Can’t say which I like more, I guess it’s more a matter of mood.

When it comes to BDSM though, I think I’d have to go with the more mature, since they have the femdom experience to really take you places.

Same holds true when you come across a real vamp, which I guess perhaps would be the most sought after by me. The kind of woman who commands male submission without saying a single word.

When it comes to cock teasing games, I like the younger ones. That sexy cock tease stuff gets me when the girl‘s like 19 and just pure hot and teasing, but that has little to do with femdom BDSM and it‘s limited in sexual form.

Best thing with those types is when they lead you on for a long time, building up the anticipation like mad before finally seeming to give in to sex. And even then, they still tease you, fooling around heavily before finding some other excuse to stop until another time. And you keep chasing cause they’re so hot and cute, even as other women roll their eyes at you.

This beautiful young girl explains what I mean very well – Sexy Tease and Denial

And the pictures of her show when I mean very well too 🙂

I’ve been following her blog recently. She’s written a number of posts on this kind of tease and denial, mixing it with her being a stripper and how she manipulates men when she’s dancing. Haven’t talked with her yet but I like what I read and see. I don’t like fake bodies, and hers is thankfully all natural 20 year old.

But right now, I think what I‘m looking for most is a vamp.

A real femme fatale to wrap me around her fingers. Problem is, the real ones are very rare and you don’t just find them, they usually find you. Sexual huntresses surrounded by a air of danger. I’ve been lucky enough to cross the path with a few in my life. Always exceptional, especially the sex. The cream of dominant women.

Can’t find ’em online. Too many can talk a good game here. A real femme fatale has to be observed in action. It’s a totality of female domination. Something that overwhelms all the senses and must be felt by them all at once to get the full effect.

– Tomas, a sometimes male slave

When It Comes To BDSM, I’m Lucky To Be A Guy

•January 25, 2009 • 1 Comment

Yeah, that title sounds odd, but I think you’ll understand what I mean soon enough.

When it comes to BDSM, and any type of submission or sexual slavery associated with it, I count myself very lucky to be a guy.

Because it is truly disgusting what kinds of horrible things happen to women in this world.

Of course, that’s not to say that the male slave can’t get himself into a very bad situation with a sick individual if he is stupid about how he plays. It’s just that women seem to be victimized far more often than men. Within the BDSM community and obvious outside of it.

Yeah, this post is motivated by something I heard recently. Something ugly that happened to a friend of mine. A woman and slave. She’s not stupid either. Has long been involved with alternative lifestyles, and is well versed in safety when it comes to BDSM. Sometimes no matter how careful you are bad still happens. She was careful. Things went bad. And it’s not my place to say more, but I feel like writing something.

And that is the context within which I mean the title of this post.

When you put yourself in the position of a slave, especially when bondage is involved, you’ve left yourself open to all kinds of non-consensual horror, if you haven’t been very careful in the partner you chose to give your trust to, and if that partner doesn’t live up to the trust he appeared worthy of.

Once bound, it doesn’t matter of you are male or female, if you were foolish in your choices, or if you were fooled well enough, you could be in for anything from a nightmare that will haunt you to far worse.

But it seems that women run a higher risk of this happening than a male slave does. I’d like to think that it’s because dominant women are less likely to abuse one’s trust or for that matter to simply be abusive in a way that crosses the line of enjoyment. (Women are quite capable of doing ugly things too. There are plenty of stories about male submission gone wrong. But those stories are heavily outweighed by how often this happens to women.)

That whole line of “safe, sane, consensual” that is common throughout the BDSM community sounds a little cheesy at times, but it’s validity and importance cannot be questioned, especially in regard to some of the darker fetish tastes people have.

Many a slave gets excited off the idea of non-consensual play, or “open consent”. But that’s just like any kind of extreme sexual fantasies we have – the dream is incredible, but it often doesn’t fit the reality.

You might have an extreme fetish like the very common rape fantasy, but it’s your fantasy and thus when you daydream over it, your mind is still in control of the participants and details that happen.

When living in reality, chances are highly likely that if you found yourself dropped in the darker depths of your fetish, it wouldn’t be as wonderful as you dreamed. Yes, there are some who actually even want that ugly extreme, but usually they have as many problems as those who would abuse them.

That’s the line we walk in BDSM. Both the slave and the dominant. The more real the scene, the more intense the feelings. We want that extreme. We want the fear and the power. We want the reality. But we want it within the limits of what we’d enjoy, however twisted the way we enjoy it.

It’s that intensity that we get off on, but chasing that extreme can lead one down a bad road if you don’t watch how far you go, or who you let lead you.

There are many ways to chase the high without running off a cliff. BDSM role-play with someone you trust is the best option to explore these sexual fantasies within reasonable limits – hence the BDSM “safe, sane consensual”. Enjoy the extreme, but enjoy it wisely.

These conditions and desires are the common starting point for the standard femdom session with a professional dominatrix. Her expertise and professionalism allow her to create an atmosphere that well fits your fetish and the fantasy you have involving it. She can lay down realistic limits and work within them, reacting to how you are during session. Many a male slave wants more than he can handle, and one of the best signs of a solid dominatrix is her ability to see that, while still giving the slave the time of his life. She doesn’t go beyond what he can realistically handle, but through masterful handling of the session he feels like he got all he hoped for.

If where you live doesn’t provide the opportunity to meet one of these very fine and highly skilled dominant women, then your best bet is to find someone else who is into BDSM and shares the same fetish as you. Build a relationship with that person on some level over time, and learn as much as you can about what it is you want to do. The internet can help with that learning, and also with the finding (BDSM personals like CollarMe.com for example). Just weigh what you read before you believe everything you see, and be smart about who you get involved with.

Remember, submission means you are handing yourself over to another person to some degree. Just because they say they know all about sexual domination, and possibly read a couple websites to lend proof to it, doesn’t mean they have a clue when it comes to what might happen to you. There are plenty more people out there into BDSM than you may think. Don’t think the first person you talk to is your only hope, simply because you’ve never talked to anyone really into your fetish before.

And don’t fall for any scams. If the woman lives in a foreign country and wants you to send all this money to fly her over so she can either be your slave or make you hers, she’s probably some guy posting fake pictures ready to steal all the cash he can from you. “Oh, but she talked to me on the phone!” – so what. You think women can’t pull scams, or that guys can’t get women to talk on the phone to you, sucker?

Speaking of phones, something like domination phone sex is another safe way to enjoy your sexual fantasies. To me it falls too short of the real thing but there are some who are really into it. Sometimes you can find a professional dominatrix who does phone domination on the side, and that can be really good. But I guess the big advantages are the pretty much complete safety, and how you can play out really extreme fantasies, things not at all realistic or safe, since it’s all in your mind. And if you find a true dominant woman to talk to, it can be very good since domination and submission are largely mental anyway.

More people than you’d imagine are into BDSM on some level. And people today are growing ever more open minded to the fetish possibilities that are out there. But you can’t force someone to be into what you are. Sometimes you can open up to your girlfriend and she will give it a try. And sometimes she’ll freak. Male submission seems odd to some women, while to others it can be very comfortable to them to be in sexual control. She may find she’s more dominant than she realized, and that she likes it.

It’s often far easier for women who aren’t into BDSM to accept the possibility of male submission and the sort of fetish play that surrounds it, than to be told you want to make them your slave, be called “master” and whip them 🙂 Being in control of something that seems odd, threatening, or embarrassing, is a lot easier to digest.

One thing I’ve learned is – if you don’t fulfill your desires, you end up regretting it.

But if you’re an idiot in how you seek to fulfill your sexual fantasies, you may well regret it a whole lot more.

– Tomas, a sometimes male slave