Dominant Women and Bitchy Women

Male submission, at least for me, isn’t founded in a need to submit, like it is those who seek male slavery as a lifestyle. It‘s more a response to these dominant women that I find so attractive. My submission is a reaction to their domination, but it’s not a need to submit so much as a want to enjoy. I generally don’t seek submission or necessarily move towards submissive responses throughout my life. But sexual situations with exciting women who bring that out in me, sure 🙂

When I say “dominant women”, I should make something clear. I don’t mean the “bitch”. Bitchy women come off as fakes to me, sort of like the loud mouth tough guys of the male sex. Guys who have something to prove and want people to see something they’re trying to appear to be – an image. Sounds like insecurity more than truth. If you’re really all that, then it should speak for it. Otherwise, it comes off as the “false dominant”.

I know many into male submission love the “bitch dominatrix” and cool for them. I very much like cruel femdom play at times too, with nasty, mean, sexy women, but that‘s in the bedroom or surrounding situations involving sexual domination. Nothing wrong with that, so if the woman wants to get rough and very commanding then, fine by me 🙂

When I say “bitchy women” I mean the loud mouths in everyday life who are overcompensating, trying to prove something, and don‘t really know what being dominant and confident is.

“Bitchy” doesn’t necessarily reflect confidence. Bitchy can be arousing and sexy once domination has been established, but until then it’s just loud yapping. That kind of stuff doesn’t bring out male submission for me, usually it will cause conflict and challenge. There’s a natural male instinct to fight and compete. Male domination is born of direct conflict and often plays out that way. Female domination is usually much more subtle, through not incapable of it’s own degrees of confrontation.

Loud, bitchy women in the workplace, for example, don’t always strike me as truly dominant women. More often, I see them as women who aren’t sure of how to be dominant, and so try to pretend they are loud males. Not only do they not understand domination very well, their a bit confused when it comes to men too.

That isn’t female superiority, it’s more a twisted admission of their deep down belief in male superiority, displayed through the female imitating the male in his most annoying form. That’s what they think being dominant is. Big mistake. Thing is, men that are loud in that way, usually aren’t all that dominant either. Like I said, something to prove. And other men see the loud mouth guys for what they are too.

Usually when men are drawn to these obnoxious, bitchy women it’s because it’s a fetish to them. It says nothing about the possibilities of female superiority, it’s just a guy who is into that form of sexual domination. The reaction cause din him is primarily a sexually motivated one, and to a degree somewhat self-serving.

Female domination doesn’t mean obnoxiously overbearing. Bitchy can be a component, and one that is sexually stimulating, but the strength of truly dominant women isn’t dependent upon being a bitch. A dominant person knows what they are, so they have no need to shout it at others as if trying to prove the point by sheer volume and degree of insult.

Of course I’m not talking about when she’s angered. Those sexy leather gloves may well come off then and woe be the offender. Piss a truly dominant woman off and you are in for it, and you’d best hope she does choose to rip you apart right then. Far worse if she waits and chooses more subtle means of punishment.

– Tomas, a sometimes male slave


~ by sometimesmaleslave on December 1, 2008.

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